The Kangaroo Pocket Packer SN-250 has been developed mainly for bulk-pack of small item of various industrial parts. The versatile and robust engineering design is to meet daily busy packaging requirement. It offers low operating and maintenance costs and longer machine life, thus making it the ideal choice to reduce costs and increase productivity. Besides its compact design ideal space saving, the Kangaroo Pocket Packer is useable at both off-line and in-line production sites on high integrate adaptability with optional equipments to achieve fully automatic operation.


Every parts of SN-250 Kangaroo Pocket Packer are being precisely and carefully designed to make sure smooth operation from low volume to high volume productivity. Read more about the features of SN-250


The Kangaroo Pocket Packer SN-250 can easily integrate with other machines to provide online solutions for your manufacturing and packaging needs. Read more about the integrations of SN-250
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